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Opportunity for investors : - Our tech venture is a seed/early stage venture. Sanjeev Kumar is an entrepreneur and founder of Sanjeev Kumar seeks to partner with extraordinary investors and assist them as they build world class businesses. This early stage web-based businesses is an opportunity for investors. Contact us for details. You can invest 33$ to 10 Million$.

There is a new technology of internet for education development in respect of "Education for All" law for education in world and "Right to Education" law for education in India which will remove fear,  from English language in internet surfing. By this children/student will get education from internet in his/her mother tongue more quickly through a system of child friendly.

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Main point of "Right to Education" law, relates with
                (ix) It provides for development of curriculum in consonance with the values enshrined in the Constitution, and which would ensure the all-round development of the child, building on the child’s knowledge, potentiality and talent and making the child free of fear, trauma and anxiety through a system of child friendly and child centered learning. It relates.

Main point of "Education for All" law, relates with The central role of appropriate learning materials, the need for a of ‘old’ and ‘new’ technologies, the importance of local languages for initial literacy. Check page No. 13 and point No. 14, check page No. 41 "Utilization of technologies in education". To read "Education for All"